New blog title and address: Why?

I’ve been mulling over the idea of changing my blog title and address for about a month. Ever since I changed my twitter handle, I thought it might be good to bring my blog in line with it, at least in terms of the address. Then I fell off of blogging for a bit as July rolled into August and things got crazy around our house.

Now things are settled, and with a little distance I decided it would be a good idea to make the change. So I did.

What about the title? I borrowed the phrase “something of my place” from my favorite poem, “IX.” by Wendell Berry. I find the poem to be a soothing expression of my experience of learning – especially learning to teach. Every year, week, day, class period, I constantly “welcome back the trees” whose domain I am only pretending to inhabit, reorder, or otherwise make better. I always arrive at the conclusion that I know so little of my place, but every time I am humbled and spurred on by the realization. Perhaps one day I will reach a more natural state, one in which I don’t try so overtly to impose my will. No matter what though, failure will continue to be part of this career of mine. I might as well learn something from it each time.

Now I have a blog with a title that at least hints a bit at my teaching and learning philosophy. It’s better than a concrete tie to the physical room I happen to use for my classes. I may open a new blog with that old title, “Inside Lalemant 104,” for use with my students, but this space will gather my thoughts and experiences as I continue to live this poem in and out of the classroom.

Thanks, as always, for reading.


What do you think?

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